Lucas “Luke” Caine Freeman, Sho-Dan (1st degree black belt), born on August 18, 2005 is being raised by his aunt and uncle Carl and Donna Harmon Other than his instructors, they are his biggest supporters and fans.  

Luke started Isshinryu Karate on November 5, 2013 at The Lebanon Dojo under the leadership of Sensei Tony Williams, Sandra Strong, Eric Carter, Josh Jesse, Lacey Patterson, Jeff Lusk, Jennifer Jesse, Parker Lusk, Evan Lee and on occasion Master McDonald will honor the Dojo with his teaching.

During Luke’s yellow and 2nd kyu brown belt seasons he became somewhat disenchanted and debated quitting but, his parents would not allow this.  Now with his Sho-Dan he is extremely grateful and proud of his accomplishment.

He plays school sports which consist of football so, during football season Karate has to take a backseat but otherwise; it’s his favorite place to be on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

He enjoys teaching those under his rank and watching them progress through their ranks. It makes him feel good that he is able to give back to a sport that has given him so much.  

He feels he owes his achievements in Karate to all of his instructors and God however; his parents often say his respect and honor for Mr. Tony Williams is unwavering.  His Isshinryu instructors have invested in him and given be the ability to have self-control over his emotions, discipline, perseverance, respect for others, and how to protect himself when needed.   He owes them a great deal.

He is a Christian and when he is not being a student or instructor he is volunteering in the Children’s Ministry at his church, Joy Church International.

His most prized trophy came on September 27, 2014 when he won 1st place in continuous fighting at the Fall Classic in Knoxville, TN.  That day did not start out well for Luke, as he did not place at all in Kata or point fighting divisions.  Prior to him beginning his continuous fighting division he became very emotional. His Aunt Donna had a strong, but encouraging talk with him.  He went back in and turn on his fighting ability. After 3 fights and lots of side line encouragement from Mr. Tony, Mrs. Sandra and Mr. Josh he came away with the 1st place trophy. He still has a picture of that day with himself and Mr. Tony on his wall in his room.

Lucas loves his Karate family and the high regard each have for each other and is thankful for each of them.