Tony Williams Hachi-dan (8th degree black belt), Born on September 22nd, 1971. I started studying karate at the age of five at a local Wado-ryu school. After about six months my dad quickly removed me from the school. He had studied under Denny Shaffer previously. He took me to the dojo (Shaffer's Team Nashville). He sat me down and made sure I wanted to study Isshinryu. At that time I didn't understand the commitment. My dad and I started at the same time. Over the years we pushed each other, as a team. Of course, he progressed faster than I. He earned his Sho-dan in about three years. This pushed me more. We went to class four times a week for years under the instruction of Phillip McElroy, Jim McDonald, Jimbo Butler, Trice Fasig, Roy Vaughn, Butch Hill and David Gabbard. At the age of eleven I received my Sho-dan from Mr. Phillip McElroy. In 1996, along with Donna Bates, I opened the Lebanon Dojo. I was nominated for and accepted a position on the IIKA Board of Directors.


Notable awards:

  • IHOF Karate Kumite Grand Championship 1995,1996,1998 & 2005
  • Black Belt Times January 1996
  • IHOF Male Instructor of the Year 2005
  • HKA Points Championship 1997-2007
  • Harold Long Memorial Grand Champion 2007
  • Brown and Brown Martial Arts
  • Pioneer and Legends Hall of Fame Council
  • International Competitor of the Year May 1998
  • Nicknamed "Killer" by Grandmaster Harold Long.