Lacey Katchmark Patterson was born on August 9th, 1992. She began karate when she was seven years old. In eleven years of competing in tournaments, she has never placed lower than third in kumite. She won first in kumite in her very first tournament. At age eleven, she received the high honor of black belt. Lacey has also been Points Champion for eleven years. At age fifteen, she was asked and honored to fight in the women's tournament in New Jersey. Since age fifteen, Lacey has fought the women's lightweight division. She won 4 Grand Champion trophies in kumite at the young age of fifteen, including two in one day, one for Ladies point's division and the other for Ladies continuous division. Lacey was the runner up for Grand Champion Point's Award winner her first year of competing in the division.

At age sixteen, she won the Grand Champion Points Award. Not only has Lacey been awarded the Point's Champion winner, she has also been nominated for prestigious awards such as Young female Karate-ka of the year, Karate-ka of the year, and Female Competitor of the year. As it is an honor to even be considered for these awards, Lacey has walked away the winner of Young Female Karate-ka of the year. At age seventeen, Lacey has won a total of eleven Grand Championships.

Not only is Lacey a black belt, but she has been given responsibility to help instruct.

She graduated high school with Honors and had a GPA of 3.86. Not only was she doing karate, but she also played on the high school's softball team. She likes to hunt, fish, ride her dirt bike, play softball, and continue in karate. She currently helps teach kid's and adult's classes, judges tournaments, assists kid's at tournaments, and teach a cardio class. Lacy is currently attending Volunteer State Community College.